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A few years ago I wrote a paper about the sexualization of public space in Switzerland. The paper developed out of the observation that prostitution and the sex industry more generally enjoy high visibility in Swiss cities, and, indeed, throughout Europe. My data included billboards such as the one in the picture but also shop fronts, newspaper ads, graffiti and websites — all of which are an integral part of the semiotic landscape of Switzerland.

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Op-ed: Abkhazia has gotten used to getting money for nothing. However, the days of freeloading are over. Things are quite all right there in this regard.

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A cafe in Switzerland that's shooting to open in Geneva later this year plans to combine two things that are popular and legal there: coffee and prostitution. The java-and-jollies joint is called, aptly enough, the Fellatio Cafe. You can't say there isn't truth in advertising.

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Geneva is the city where famous Paolo Coelho's novel 11 Minutesabout young Brazilian girl becoming a prostitute, is taking place. So if You are easily ofended, be aware there is other side of Geneva, too. Geneva's Red Light District is not as world famous as the one in Amsterdam and it is not officialy defined and clarified, but it is still a place You wouldn't find for miles around. Walking down the Rue de Monthoux it is impossible to miss ladies in tights on high heels, watched from distance by their bodyguards.

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You feel free to walk around enjoying realities of life. Lively till late late hours which is not so common in serious city Zurich. Affordable hotels around.

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I live a few km west of Zurich and would like to know why there are so many erotic supermarkets and stores on the edge of the city on a scale that we don't have in Englandespecially when it seems that many people are relatively dull, going home early they say to sleeparriving early to the office etc etc Of course, I visited one in Volketswil to see what they were selling, find out how full it was on a Saturday, and curiously why it was located so close the local MacDonalds!!! Who is buying all of this stuff, and are the local people awake enough to use it all?

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Prostitution in Switzerland is legal and regulated; it has been legal since Trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal. One estimate puts the number of street sex workers in Zurich at

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Mobile Mode. In Switzerland, the age of consent for sexual relations is fixed at 16 years Art. The age of consent is specifically conceived to protect the sexual needs of young people from the sexual needs of adults.

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We had only one day to experience Zurich. First the taxi at the train station suggested we walk according to him it was meters in stead of taking us there. After we checked in we found that it is located in the night clubs, stip bars, districts. The hotel is right next to sex shops and go-go bar.


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