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Can my baby stop sucking her thumb without using a pacifier? I am breastfeeding my 2-month-old. She is refusing to take a pacifier but wants to suck on her thumb instead.

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Thumb sucking is a problem in the older child. Parents know that their children need to stop once they get to a certain age. But parents may not know an effective way to make help their children break the habit.

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Some babies do not suck well enough or demand enough feeds for the breasts to make enough milk, but it is rare that a mother can't make enough milk for her baby except after some types of breast surgery. Some will need to feed frequently and others less often. See topic Crying baby.

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Victoria is a stay-at-home mom, author, blogger at Healthy at Home, and educator. She currently lives in Colorado with her family. For many parents, the argument for whether or not to let their new baby suck his or her thumb after birth is a big one in their household. There is no right or wrong answer, but only what feels right to each family and what is right for each baby.

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In fact, in my sensory support groupit gets asked at least once a month by some concerned parent trying to get to the bottom of it. Usually I am not the first resort, most of the time they have already done their research, asked the doctor, and tried several things without much luck. I usually stay out of the conversations because there really is so much more to the answer than just a quick sentence or two as a response.

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Skip to content. My son is 14 months and has been sucking his thumb since he was about 6 months. At first, he didn't do it much, but over time, especially once he hit 10 months, he has increased the usage of his thumb.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Resolution, Not Conflict. What helps kids to cease sucking their fingers or thumbs?

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Presence of oral habit in 3—6 year old children is an important finding in the clinical examination. An oral habit is no longer considered as normal for children near the end of this age group. In pre-school children, digit and dummy sucking is a predominant habit, and girls are found to have a higher level of sucking habit then boys do. Here is a case report of a unique sucking habit, which if not stopped, will lead to dental problem in the child.

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Babies have a natural desire to suck. Thumbsucking is a common way babies seem to comfort themselves. Thumbsucking usually begins by 3 months of age.

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Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit for a child to break. Understand what you can do to help your child stop sucking his or her thumb. Thumb sucking is a common habit among children.


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