Vintage cb radio parts and schematics

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Radio Tech. Understanding how CB radio works. This is carried over from this thread.

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Hundreds of other files have been kindly contributed over the years too. Many of the files here are just schematic diagrams but some include additional information such as specifications, and a few are complete manuals. Click a row in the table below to download the file.

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I've been fascinated with the early history of radio and television between through since reading a very old copy of "The Boys Second Book of Radio and Electronics" by Alfred Morgan, found in the dusty science shelves of my highschool library I'm a "geek" and that book made me happy. They were mostly experimenters and tinkerers at a time when academic research was often unconcerned with the practical application of a scientific discovery. As a result the industry did not have a good understanding of how the electronic devices they were building actually worked.

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Orders requiring technical work are shipped in about 3 to 14 days. Heads up- The Price of many China-made items went up due to tariffs. Our hopes and prayers go out to our friends Bohemian in this time of destruction. Please give to the Bahamas Red Cross.

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Manuals for servicing consumer electronics have been around since the mid to late s when commercial production of radios for households gave birth to the radio repair shop. Radio manufacturers as well as a few service publishers began printing detailed schematics and related service information for repairing household radios and related testing equipment. Around as demand and production for radios increased, larger manufacturers like RCA Victor, Zenith, and General Electric began to publish hardcover service books.

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Owner's Manual Page 1 to Icon Key. Service Information.

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Site validated through W3C. I make no endorsement nor has any pecuniary interest in any of the listings To search this page first click on page then use Ctrl 'F'. ARRL Amplifier projects over 30 some are accessible to members only. Amplifier homebrewing.

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This website is best viewed with Adobe Flash Player 9. JavaScript must also be enabled. If you don't have Adobe Flash on your device, you can still view the Allied Electronics catalogs by clicking the "HTML" button on the catalog pages of this site.

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Second only to power cords, capacitors are the most failure-prone components in old radios and televisions. In a professional overhaul, it is common to replace all of a set's large electrolytic capacitors and small paper capacitors. This article explains how to do that.